Burlington, Ontario

5 Different Ways to Style a Cardigan This Fall

There is nothing I love more than cozying up in the fall! But cozying up requires some layers. I have wanted to embrace the cardigan for some time now and finally with temperatures cooling down I can. I put together 5 different looks with a cardigan for you to try this fall. This cardigan is from Aritzia and is the…

Burlington, Ontario

5 Houseplants You Need | Houseplant Tour

Welcome to day ONE of #YOUTOBER2019 – 5 #Houseplants You Need | #HouseplantTour It’ is officially October which means it is time for some cozy YouTube content, and a lot of it! If you follow Kalyn Nicholson you know October means YouTober! I am so inspired by Kalyn and her commitment to creating positive, glowing content. Her wonderful inspiration has…

Squamish, BC

Haylee & Scott | Photo Session

When Haylee Met Scott I have known Haylee since my High School days. We met through our boyfriends at the time and would go on double dates. She was the shy one and I was the one who convinced her we were going to be best friends. Somehow it worked! Now we laugh at our past relationships and say “we…

Toronto, Ontario

Mejuri Travel Haul | What Jewellery I Pack When I Travel

The Mejuri is out, I love these pieces! Okay that was lame but this jewellery is honestly my favourite. What is your favourite jewellery to wear? Rings? Earrings? Necklaces? If you’re looking for simple style and an elegant collection look no farther. The first piece of Mejuri jewellery was given to me by my best friend to be part of…

Prague, Czech Republic

Ultimate Prague Travel Guide | ft. Air Canada Vacations

But first I need to set the scene. Scott and I took a road trip to Chicago this summer. For me this trip was so important because it represented a reshuffling in my life. That reshuffling was putting travel back on my priority list. Let’s discover #PragueYourWay!

*Thank you Air Canada Vacations for Sponsoring this post.

Muskoka, Ontario

Road Trip to Muskoka with my #FordCoPilot

Escaping the Ordinary for Lake Views

Scott and I have had the itch to escape the hustle and bustle of the city lately. So the other day we packed our bags and made a plan to head up to his family cottage in Muskoka! Do you ever just have that urge to go somewhere quiet in nature?

Hamilton, Ontario

Kitchen Haul | Loft Living

Hi Loves! So the kitchen is the heart of the home which means I had to grab some essentials. It’s been such a funny process building this kitchen up because half of the things you buy you don’t realize you need! Usually it’s not until you are elbows deep in tomato sauce until you’re like, “oh yes I could use…

Hamilton, Ontario

Swatch Skin Irony & Sunflowers

Summer in the Fields One the best parts of summer is enjoying local and seasonal produce and flowers. Come on, who doesn’t love a big sunflower field! The golden hues and buzzing bees are enough to make you want to run around like a kid again. Thankfully there is a huge sunflower field very close to my house. Take it…


Living Room Haul | Loft Hangout

Hi Love! Now that I am feeling more settled in my loft space I am spending way more time in my living space. Before I kid you not I simply had a pouf on the ground I would sit on with nothing else! It was a little bare, if you will. Time has passed, paychecks have cleared and shopping has…