Toronto, Ontario

Social Media Influencing + The Universe | With Matt & Omar

Welcome to day *FOUR* of #YOUTOBER2019 – Trusting Yourself and the Universe and Working for Your Goals + A Little Social Media Influencing with Matt Benfield and Omar Ahmed. I met Matt and Omar through social media. I fell in love with Matt’s content and then soon after found Omar’s account. These two are oozing creativity and are now creating…

Muskoka, Ontario

Road Trip to Muskoka with my #FordCoPilot

Escaping the Ordinary for Lake Views

Scott and I have had the itch to escape the hustle and bustle of the city lately. So the other day we packed our bags and made a plan to head up to his family cottage in Muskoka! Do you ever just have that urge to go somewhere quiet in nature?

Toronto, Ontario

Vlogging the Start of 2018 | Make Your Own Momentum

Vlogging the Start of 2018 | Make Your Own Momentum Oh hi there! If you had a chance to watch my last video you know one of my big resolutions is to kick it with YouTube again. Well here is the moment I realized it was time to press record and a few moments in between the start of 2018.…

Hamilton, Ontario

How I am Planning 2018

One of my biggest goals this year has been to restart my YouTube channel. So here I am, posting a video all about how I am going to be planning 2018! So glad to have you here along for the ride. If you like my first video back at it I would love a thumbs up and for you to…


Relationship Question Challenge

So I found this while scrolling through the depths of the internet the other day and thought it was so fun! This little list would be a great idea to bring up during a date night in to get to know your partner a little bit better! I especially laughed at question 32 – because realistically my answer is “the whole…