Recreating Outfits I Saw On Pinterest | 5 Looks #LowBuyYear

Hello my friends!

This past month I have been diving into some new ways of living. 2020 kicked off my first ever #LowBuyYear. What is a #LowBuy year you may ask? It’s exactly what it sounds like, making more conscious purchases through the power of setting rules and making present decisions when consuming products.

I was inspired through my friend Christina of Style Apotheca. In this video I explore my own wardrobe and recreate looks I have been loving on Pinterest. I have been looking to create a closet I can love and reuse for years to come. Mixable and matchable items are key.

I have started to realize I want my items to be desirable in my eyes because they were well thought out. The counter to this is simply acquiring things I don’t need.

This is the first step. I am learning to establish my style and thus fall in love with what I have. I honestly got butterflies after shooting the content for this video. I felt like I had finally put a new life into pieces I forgot I loved. I am excited to be on this journey with you all.

Let me know if you have tried a Low Buy year. How did it go? What was the hardest part? Is this your first time attempting it or thinking about it? Would love to hear about your journey too!

Love you all!

A My First Low Buy Year & Low Buy Rules:

Classic Style Pinterest Board:…

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