The 5 Must Follow Rules of Beauty Gifting

Pamper your friends for the holiday’s

I love giving people pampering items during the holiday’s. The reason is, because the more I learn about my friends lives, the more I realize how much they don’t do for themselves! Beauty gifting can be a lot of fun. It is always hilarious watching someone open a new product that is completely new to them. First they get really excited, and then they slip into their own little world looking the product details up and down. I love it!

These are 5 must follow rules for beauty gifting to ensure your present isn’t re-gifted in the new year!

Wrapping Paper for Christmas

1. Avoid Strong Scents

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to scents. People pretty much range from, “Bath and Body Works scent obsessed” to “Instant vomit if scent reaches their nose”. This is where you want to be careful when buying lotions and body scrubs. If you are unsure about someones scent preference stick to light neutral scented products.

Safe scents: vanilla, lavender & light fresh scents like grapefruit

Scents to be careful of without approval: strong perfume, florals, fake baking smells (i.e. fresh cinnamon buns)

*I was going to throw in coconut in safe scents because I adore coconut. However, I have met a good handful of people who can’t stand it. Double check if your friend likes the smell of summer sunscreen. This will be a good tip off as to whether they like coconut.

Danger Zone: I would highly steer you away from buying someone perfume. Unless you know their personal perfume preference just leave these in store.

The 5 Must Follow Rules of Beauty Gifting

2. Be mindful of tones

Through the years I have realized bright baby blue eyeshadow is simply not my color. Just because you know your perfect color, does not mean you know the color for someone else.

If you are picking out a lipstick or nail polish for someone, be mindful about what they wear and what compliments their skin tone.

Also try, looking at some photos of your friend and think about their daily makeup routine. If you have someone who likes a bold lip, go for it, get them M.A.C. Girl about town or Rebel. But if in your research you are unsure about color, ask someone you know who has a similar skin tone. They will better know what compliments your friend.

The 5 Must Follow Rules of Beauty Gifting

3. Neutral Territory is Key

Neutral territory is your friend when you want to gift beauty products! There are so many different products that say, “this is just for you”, and won’t get re-gifted because they suit so many people.

Here is my small list of suggestions for neutral products: translucent powder, brushes, an eyeshadow palette, eye makeup remover and beauty blenders. I left some of my favorites in the scroller below this article!

The 5 Must Follow Rules of Beauty Gifting

4. Don’t underestimate the refill rule

Alright, I know you want to get something special for your friend. Something that screams, “hey try this girl!” But you should never underestimate the awesomeness that is refills of favorite products.

For instance, my mom has been wearing the same perfume since before I was born. She will always use it and will always need it. And to boot, perfume is a pamper gift and usually decently priced. It really is a no-brainer.

So I am giving you permission. Go ahead and be a wee bit of a snoop. Find out your friend’s favorite products! They will thank you for getting something they like and be thankful they don’t have to go out and restock themselves.

The 5 Must Follow Rules of Beauty Gifting

5. Be mindful of allergies & Skin Type

Skin is the largest organ we have and people have all sorts of different kinds of skin. The extra tricky part about skin is it changes with the season and the location. My skin changes so much from summer to winter. This means my skincare routine changes as well.

This rule circles back to the refill rule. Find out what their usual skin care routine is. If you find they use lighter products then this might be a tip off they have an allergy or reaction of some sort.


Know whether your friends choose makeup that is animal cruelty free. Sometimes it takes a bit more research on your end but at the end of the day you want to gift something your friend will use and believes in.

Here are some of my favorites! Hopefully this helps you on your path to finishing your holiday shopping.

Sending you some love!




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