6 Quick Hairstyles for Valentines Day | Medium to Long Hair

If you are as last minute on holidays as I usually am, you may need a little help getting ready today! Whether you are celebrating Valentines day or Gal-entines day, here are some quick hairstyles to inspire your preparation. No need to be an expert hair stylist, these quick looks are easy to put into play for even the novice.


The most basic of them all is the loose wave. All you need for this style is a curling iron or a wand. To make these curls I used a 1 1/4 wand and worked through my hair in sections starting with the hair underneath.


This is probably one of my favorite ways to put my hair up and out of the way. The reason I love this method the most is because it doesn’t require any hair elastics. I like to start with waved hair, but straight hair will work just as well. First secure put your headband on just below your hairline. Grab the free flowing hair behind you and begin to work it over and into the band. Keep tucking your hair in until you have secured all of your hair. If you would like to make sure your hair stays in place, add bobby pins for extra hold.

For a personal touch I always pull out some loose strands in the front to frame my face. I like this look to be somewhat messy but feel secure in the back.


A literal “twist” on leaving your hair down for the night. Adding small details like a twist or a braid to the front section of your hair keeps it out of your face and adds some drama. For this look I chose to do a twist on both sides and gather the hair to join in the back. This look can be easily accomplished with strait or curly hair.


The half-up, half-down is probably one of my favorite looks. We all wish we could do this look as well as Ariana Grande, but we can still work with what we have! In light of Valentines Day I added a ribbon to the back pony to add a romantic touch. I suggest grabbing some thin plastic elastics from the drug store for this look.

They hide well under the ribbon detail and give the illusion it is all that is holding up the hair.


Who knows, for valentines day you could be doing a sweat date with a friend or just really getting into all you can eat sushi. One must be prepared for these moments! I am a huge fan of the dramatic curly pony. I was able to bump out the pony because of my ponytail mail, hair tie. These ties are so easy to work with and give your pony a little mph! Plus, the pink just makes me really happy!


If you’re blasting “Love Story” by Taylor Swift you may really want a romantic feel to your look tonight. This look is fully up and out of your face. First you start with pigtails, which you will braid right to the end. Once you have fully braided both sides start to pull apart your braids to add some width and drama. Twist the bottom of the braid and pin down like a headband. Pull out some desired pieces and voila! You have a braided renaissance headband!

No matter what you are doing for Valentines, I hope you know you are loved.

Give yourself a hug for me today – because you’re doing the best you can.


Photos by my girl Tania






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