7 Things you should avoid before bed

7 Things you should avoid before bed

When people ask me, “Amanda how can you do all of these things, you’re always on the go, how do you do it?” My number one response is to tell them how much I value sleep. Sleep is so important to being a successful energized person. I’m not about that zombie life!

Here are some of my top tips and tricks to getting that much needed good sleep after a major grind.

Getting emotionally wound up

I am going to start with this little ditty because seriously this is probably one of the main things that keeps me wide eyed when I need to sleep. This can seriously be anything from writing a long text and getting just “lol” back but seriously we need to chill. This is about your health people!

Meditate, read a happy book, have a bath – just do something that gets your personal positive mojo flowing.

There is such a tight connection between emotions and sleep. Dreams are even linked to your daily emotional experiences. Emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness and anger can have particular impact on dreams. The trouble is, lack of sleep can amplify your emotional state which is a wee bit of a spiral. Try and settle yourself with a sleep routine before bed by reflecting with positive thoughts or writing down some things you achieved/like about yourself from that day’s activities.

7 Things you should avoid before bed - reading is great before bed

Staring at a screen

Endless studies have told us that reading off a screen before bed can be seriously messing with our sleep patterns. If you must stimulate your brain before bed choose the classic paperback material. Not only does the light affect chemicals in our brains but also the idea of “notification stress”.

Even just watching your favorite show before bed can cost you precious Z’s. Try reading or just chatting to your partner or friend. Be electronic free at least an hour before bed.

7 Things you should avoid before bed - screen time before bed

Eating Greasy & High Fat-Foods

They call your stomach your second brain for a good reason. If you don’t want your brain to be spinning you also don’t want your stomach to be churning!

Avoid eating right before bed. If you have to, choose something that is on the health side. Greasy foods will make you feel sluggish in the morning and also add to the waistline. Remember you are not burning as many calories in the horizontal position.

Drinking excessive amounts of liquids

It is highly encouraged that you drink a glass of water before bed. When you do this you help your body cycle through toxins and dispel waste. You should also aim to have on right when you wake up in the morning because it helps activate your internal organs. But try to avoid chug-a-lugging an excessive amount before bed or else you’re going to have a bit of an early alarm clock promoting you to pee in the middle of the night disrupting your sleep.

7 Things you should avoid before bed - water

Working Late

I am a huge believer in separating work life from home life. As a blogger I completely understand that sometimes this isn’t the reality. Because work can get our minds rolling as much as our emotions you should avoid doing work a couple hours before bed. Allow your body to recharge! If you do this you will be even more productive the next day.

That last sip of caffeine

I love coffee as much as the next person but there is a reason the Folger’s commercial is aired in the mornings. We all know caffeine wakes up our brains, how else would we get through those morning meetings! So this goes without saying – avoid consuming caffeine before bed. Some people are more sensitive than others. You should know what works for you!

7 Things you should avoid before bed - caffeine

Intense Cardio

If you want to get in a wee bit of exercise before bed you are doing yourself a favor. Just 10 minutes of aerobic activity can improve you sleep quality! But with that said, avoid anything more intense than that for it will heat up your inner mechanisms. Exercise increases your heart rate and pumps up those energy levels which makes it hard to slip into slumber mode.

7 Things you should avoid before bed - Amanda Weldon smiling on her bed

The main idea is to disconnect from tech and reconnect to the rhythm of your body. I definitely suggest some quiet reading time, a herbal tea and some soft warm music before bed. But hey, whatever works for you is the way to go!

Sweet Dreams BTB Family!



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