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Classic Fall Fashion with Amanda Weldon

Establishing a classic look can be done in a few quick steps!

  • Create a neutral base

This can be anything from a simple long sleeve tee or a turtleneck. I have been a little too obsessed with turtlenecks lately. This is one of my favorite turtlenecks right now. It is white, light and has a ribbed detailing.

  • Layer with a classic trench (navy, beige, black or grey)

I think having a classic trench in your closet is just as important as having an LBD (little black dress). The trench is so multi-faceted and the best part about it is, even if you are in a rush you come out looking trendy.

  • Add a pop of color for the season!

No matter the season I believe there should be a pop of color somewhere. Okay, we all have those grey monster days but honestly a pop of color can do so much. I love a rich plum, red or teal for the transition from fall to winter.

Classic Fall Fashion with Amanda Weldon

This is also one of my favorite scarves. I got it in Ireland when I was traveling with my father. Pieces like this can carry sentimental value which can also add a wee hop in your step!

Classic Fall Fashion with Amanda Weldon

I have always been that kind of person who lays out my clothes the night before. I mean, it just makes sense! If I don’t, I usual just end up standing in front of my closet for an aggressive amount of time in the morning. Thus, losing all hope of making breakfast or casually sipping my coffee. In other words, a mini tornado results.

Classic Fall Fashion with Amanda Weldon

If I am in a rush I try to fall back on these three quick steps to create a classic look. Here is one of my favorite classic looks from this season.

Let me know what your favorite classic look is in the comments below!

Classic Fall Fashion with Amanda Weldon

Photos by the talented: Swire Photos




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