Dubai Market + Camel Racetrack | Vlog

Dubai Camel Racetrack

Fruit + Vegetable Market and Camel Racetrack | Dubai February 8th

The Dubai vlogs, in Dubai officially start with this video. With our bags now in our possession and the days ahead planned both Monica and I are ready to explore. Follow us through the Dubai fruit and vegetable market and down to the camel racetrack. Today really sets the scene for the rest of the trip – so many adventures to come!

Scroll down for a could more photos below and let me know in the comments what you think you would want to do the most in Dubai! In the days to come I will be posting our itinerary as well as the vlogs from each day. I had to split them up daily because we did so much! The reason I have found this love for vlogging is because it is like a time capsule. I can always look back and remember this incredible time I had with one of my dearest, oldest friends Monica.

I hope you enjoy day one now that the baggage stress is over. If you don’t know what I am talking about watch Dubai Travel Day first here.

Sending you some positive vibes!

Dubai Camel Racetrack

Dubai Camel Racetrack

Dubai Camel Racetrack


Dubai Camel Racetrack

Dubai Camel Racetrack


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