Home Decor Inspired by Fall

Home decor inspired by fall


When the seasons change so does the home decor! I am someone who loves shopping but to be honest, I think I enjoy shopping for decor more than anything else. Autumn is one of the best times to search for home decor because just like layering your clothing, cooler temperatures mean a chance to get cozy! Whether it is texture, colour or a cute message here are some of my most recent picks to warm up my space.

The Five Minute Journal

Let’s start with your mind space before getting to your home. The idea of starting and finishing every day thinking about what you are grateful for is incredible. I grabbed The Five Minute Journal recently and have been really enjoying the process of writing something positive down each day.

The journal is meant to build a consistent routine around positive thinking. Recognizing what we are grateful for each day gives us the chance to “count our blessings”. That being said, before changing up the decor it’s great to set your mind on the right path!

FEATURE: The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal

The Scent of Fall

Of course the scent of fall was going to be on this home decor top picks list! The moment the fall candles are out you will see me in the line for the cash register. Nothing sets the dial to cozy like the aroma of a fresh apple stand, pumpkin pie or autumn leaves! These are some of my absolute favorite candles in the fall: Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside, Autumn, Sweater Weather, Pumpkin Apple.

FEATURE: Apple Blossom

A Touch of Gold

A room is complete when you finish it off with a subtle accent. The striking orange of a pumpkin patch, the yellow light from a fire, or the rich hues of leaves are a few notes of warm tones that are signatures of autumn.  I have fallen in love with adding a subtle gold touch to my decor.

FEATURE: Gold Glass Square Display Box

Cozy home decor for fall

The Classic Basket

If there is one thing I have learned from Canadian Living and House & Home magazine it is that texture is key.  You can so easily create a natural feel by adding a classic woven basket to a room. Plus, they are a stylish way to boost storage for extra blankets and pillows!

FEATURE: Sweater Weave Basket Tote

Cozy home decor for fall

Morning Messages

It’s the Canadian way to start the day with a cup of coffee or tea. I’ll take a tea with milk and honey please, thanks! Starting and ending your day on a positive note is so easy when that positive note is printed on your mugs! Here are some of my favorite mugs this season: Create, Live with Purpose, His & Hers Motivational Set.

FEATURE Good Morning Beautiful.

The Five Minute Journal

Marble Coasters

Coasters are one of those decor pieces that can be used to add class to a room. However, I think pieces like coasters should be kept neutral because they are rarely the centerpiece. I have been loving white marble accents and these were the perfect fit to satisfy the trend.

FEATURE: White Marble Coasters

Faux Fur Blanket

One of the easiest ways to cozy up your place is to add some texture and warm tones. The quality of this blanket is amazing and you should feel how warm it is!

FEATURE: Faux Fur Blanket 

The Textured Pillow

As I just mentioned, texture is a great way to style a room. The best thing about throw pillows is you can find one you love and not worry about matching it perfectly with your other decor. I chose to stick with neutral tones so I can transition them through the seasons.

FEATURE:Textured Pillow 

Cinema Lightbox

I know this will sound ridiculous but, it took me a couple weeks to actually buy my cinema lightbox after knowing I wanted it. I drove my coworker and friend Stacey crazy everyday asking, “Should I buy it? Okay, I’m going to get it… maybe tomorrow”. I love changing the words in the lightbox all the time and have used it for countless videos and photos. I love it and would highly suggest getting your own.

FEATURE: Cinema Lightbox

Cozy home decor for fall

Minimalist Monthly Calendar

Every event goes into my ical on my computer but sometimes I just need to write things down. I love the design of the calendar and the fact that at a glance I can see everything I have scheduled!

FEATURE: 2018 Oversized Monthly Wall Calendar

Lumberjack Throw

It’s autumn, dive into those fall patterns my friend! Even if you keep everything in your home the same, adding a lumberjack throw or pillow to your room will add that extra fall feel.

FEATURE:Kendall Plaid Super Soft Throw 

The Five Minute Journal












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