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Let’s be honest, Canada is not the most forgiving when it comes to winter. That being said, as soon as the weather starts to get warmer, Canucks across the land immediately start stripping off the heavy layers. I love the moment I can put my heavy winter jacket back in the closet and pull out some thinner layers.

I would also like to note, as soon as the dark days of winter are over I try to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. But, don’t get me wrong I am a huge supporter of the full black look. Seeing as spring is right around the corner however, it is nice to lighten up your layers.

You will usually find me carrying a larger purse but I fell involve with this mini satchel as soon as I saw it. This bag has three compartments and adorable detailing on the strap. The gold chain adds a good amount of weight to the strap so it stays in place on your shoulder.

You can find this bag in blush pink or black here: Aldo Accessories Roredia Bag

When thinking about adding layers whether it be summer or winter my mind immediately goes to scarves. This monochromatic bulky scarf adds a softness around the face and some warmth as well! (This scarf is from H&M)

As the weather starts to get a bit warmer layering seems a little more fun. When you don’t have to throw your heaviest jacket over your outfit there is some room to play with your style. Looking forward to spring but for now these layers will have to do! Stay warm my friends!


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