Mary Kay Spring Line 2017 | Makeup Review

As many of you know, I am a Mary Kay makeup lover. Mary Kay may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of picking up new seasonal products, but it should be in the mix! I am so happy to announce I joined the Mary Kay media list and have had the opportunity to try their new spring line.

I would never promote products I don’t honestly believe in. As soon as I opened the Mary Kay package I wanted to tell you about the products right away, but instead I chose to work with them over the past couple of weeks. After experiencing these new products first hand I can honestly say I am obsessed!


Canada is a great place to live because we really get to experience all of the seasons. However, winter in Canada can be a little less forgiving. One of my jobs is in-game hosting for the Toronto Marlies, so I am often in a dry hockey rink. Because I am constantly talking my lips get dry quickly. The Mary Kay lip oils have been a true savior!

Now when I think about wearing a matte lipstick at the rink I cringe immediately. The moisturizing power of these lip oils is amazing. Sometimes I am guilty of even putting a bit on before bed if my lips are dry from my day.

The colors also compliment a variety of skin tones. Because the product is an oil consistency versus a stick, the colour is a little less “in your face”, especially with the sheer pink. As you move to the brilliant violet and the magenta ray you can really start to see the tones pop!

Sheer Pink Lip Oil – $16

Brilliant Violet Lip Oil – $16

Magenta Ray Lip Oil – $16
Mary Kay Spring Line 2017 - 3 Lip Oils


I’ll admit it, I am a wimp when it comes to trying new eye shadows! The thing I really liked about these two pallets is they both have a great neutral tone you can be comfortable with. It is really up to you how much you want to play with the other three colors in the pallet.

I had so much fun practicing my eyeshadow skills with this pretty palettes. Definitely still practicing though before I show you guys a look! But I would have to say the sunlight palette is slowly becoming a fan favorite!

Left – Glistening Horizon – $24

Right – Sunlight palette – $24

Mary Kay Spring Line 2017 - Eye Shadow Palettes


Okay, if you know me, you know I am obsessed with nail polish. I was absolutely over the moon when I saw Mary Kay had sent me these to try. The color I immediately fell head over heels for was the brilliant violet.

No word of a lie, this polish lasted me 4 whole days with only one minimal chip on my pinky! That may not be exciting to some people but I was thoroughly impressed!

I am one hundred percent putting my stamp of approval on these nail lacquers! The colors caught my eye, but the quality made the sale!

Brilliant Violet Nail Lacquer – $9.50

Luminous Mauve Nail Lacquer – $9.50

Light Blue Unavailable

Vivid Sunburst Nail Lacquer – $9.50

Mary Kay Spring Line 2017 - Nail Lacquer

Hope you are all as excited for spring as I am!

Sending you some love.


Sponsored by Mary Kay Canada

Photography by Tania – Layout by Amanda




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