Road Trip to Muskoka with my #FordCoPilot

Escaping the Ordinary for Lake Views

Scott and I have had the itch to escape the hustle and bustle of the city lately. So the other day we packed our bags and made a plan to head up to his family cottage in Muskoka! Do you ever just have that urge to go somewhere quiet in nature?

While I was at work at the weather centre delivering the forecast I saw it was calling for rain but that didn’t deter us from taking the trip north! The idea of staring out a window, while editing with a tea beside me and the sound of lake waves just outside, truly gave me all the feels.

Ford Edge Road Trip

Normally we have to pack everything into Scotty’s compact car by flexing our Tetris skills. Between groceries, camera equipment and our overnight bags we are usually pressed for space by the time we crawl in.

That’s why I jumped in excitement when an email from Ford Canada popped in to my inbox. Ford was looking for adventure seekers wanting to hit the road with their #FordCoPilot.

*Immediate hand raise*.

Ford Edge Road Trip

Cruising to the Cottage in Style

How did the universe know I was craving larger seats, extra storage options and Car Play?! Our ride would end up being the 2019 Ford Edge in Stone Grey (fancy). Scott and I laughed so hard when we turned on the air conditioned seating by accident and weren’t sure what we were experiencing. Has this every happened to you?

Both Scott and I drive compact vehicles so it was truly a luxury to bask in the spaciousness of the Ford Edge. Typically we are conservative with what we bring up with us, but this time we could be a bit extravagant. That being said, grocery shopping was a lot more fun knowing we had room to go a little overboard (no regrets).

I had the chance to ride shotgun for the bulk of the trip, and as a passenger I was extremely satisfied. My gauge for comfort is usually answered by the following question…

“Would Mom be able to sit here in comfort for a road trip?”

My mom has a bad back so anytime I am in a seated position for a long time I think about her. Thankfully the answer this time round ended up being yes! The seats were spacious, comfortable and easily adjustable.

But don’t just take my word for it! Scroll down to see what Scotty had to say about his experience!

Ford Edge Road Trip
Ford Edge Road Trip
Ford Edge Road Trip
Ford Edge Road Trip
Ford Edge Road Trip
Ford Edge Road Trip

A Note From Scotty Shares

The summer road trips up to the cottage are cherished memories from my childhood. I remember riding in the back seat of my parents’ Ford minivan with my sister and our family dogs while we took the highway up north to cottage country.

We’d sing along to my Dad’s summer mixtapes, stop at Webers (a time honoured tradition for any cottager in southern Ontario) and play car games like eye-spy (or our invented bovine specific game ‘my-cows’).

It is a tradition I really wanted to share with Amanda but since we both work non-traditional hours it’s been hard finding time to head up north for a couple of days. Then, just as summer was coming to a close, we found our chance to escape the city. And as luck would have it, Ford was there (just like they were in my childhood) to take us up north.

As much as I love my compact car, I loved being in a bigger ride. The Edge had all the bells and whistles on the inside — Car Play, Air Conditioned Seats, Rear View Camera, Blindspot Sensors, Lane-Keeping System, even Active Park Assist which I’m devastated we forgot to try out. Also the sun-roof? This thing goes back so far it practically makes the SUV a convertible.

It was quiet and smooth on the highway, was great on gas (up north to Muskoka and back to the city and we still had gas left in the tank) and handled the back roads to the cottage with ease.

Ford Canada, thank you for giving us this opportunity. We’re so grateful for your help with our cottage adventure. And look Amanda chose me to be her #FordCoPilot… but… do you want to be my copilot? Don’t tell me this was just an end of summer romance and now we’re done. I think we could have a great future together. Hope to see you on the road soon.

Thank you Ford Canada

Amanda here again! As you can tell we are so thankful for experiences like this one. I have never personally owned a Ford vehicle before but after this test drive I am going to be looking closer at their upcoming line. 

Question For the Comments

Where would you drive to if you were to take a road trip tomorrow?




*This post is sponsored by Ford Canada. Extended test drive was gifted.

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