Second-Day Hair Style

Second-Day Hair

I have been trying to be nicer to my hair lately however, work and dry conditions have left it a little limp. The cold, dry months have put a lot stress on my blonde strands and the only way to save it is to give it a break. My usual regiment includes washing and heat styling my hair every single day. My line of work puts presser on me to stick to this routine and because of this the ends have really started to rebel. I was chatting to a girl friend of mine while on vacation about her hair routine and I was stunned to hear she only washes her hair once a week! Though I don’t think I could ever do this just because of my natural hair oils I know there are better ways I could styling my hair.

To be better to my mane I have chosen to challenge myself to use low heat when using styling tools and opt for “second-day hair“. No more every day washes for me! I am now on the search for the perfect dry shampoo and styles I can rock on television while still feeling confident. Here is the first of many styles I have tailored to fit my second-day hair challenge!

No more every day washes for me!

Second Day Braided Hair Style

The Style

  • 4 Inverted Braids – 2 on each side of my part
  • Pulled together with a sock bun
  • *If more hair volume is necessary add an extension pieces around your pony tail prior to wrapping your bun.

The Process

  1. Braid your mini braids first all the way to the bottom of your hair length
  2. Secure each braid with an elastic
  3. Pull all hair back into a pony tail (low pony)
  4. Undo the mini braids and unravel the remaining tail
  5. If needed add a clip-in extension piece for more hair to wrap
  6. Wrap hair in sock bun
  7. Secure with blonde (or whatever colour) elastic + bobby pins
  8. VOILA!

Second Day Braided Hair Style

Second Day Braided Hair Style

Products Used

  • Dry Shampoo (Klorane – I acquired from a Fab Fit Fun box to try!)
    • Still searching for new dry-shampoos to try – please leave your favorite in the comments below!
  • Bobby Pins
  • 2 Elastics
  • Sock bun holder

Second Day Braided Hair Style

Let me know if you have some dry-shampoo favs! I am looking to do a bit of experimentation in the next few weeks.

xo A

Turn this look Bridal with some beautiful pins!



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