Finding your Spring Style

Spring Style for a Tricky Fashion Transition

Spring style can be tricky because of the nature of the season. With spring being a transition season the stores tend to be out of sync with the weather. Either the shops are already pushing summer fashion or the racks are full of rain coats and random florals. The good thing about spring is if you shop smart you can use a lot of the same pieces for cooler nights in the summer. Choosing a timeless wardrobe is all about the palette!

Temperature Swings = Fashion Forecast

Not only are we dealing with wetter days in the spring, but also swinging temperatures. My favorite way to put together a spring style is to layer my outfits. Thankfully layering can add warmth and flare to your spring style! Plus, if you are traveling layers make it easy to change up a look even if you only pack a few select pieces.

However, layering in the winter and layering in the spring are actually quite different. In the winter I tend to lean towards darker colors and thinker fabrics with deep patterns. In the spring I will gravitate towards lighter fresher tones and a more monochromatic palette with soft fabrics! During the cooler months I will try checkered patterns and classic, rich tones whereas in the spring it’s florals and neutrals that make their way to the forefront of my closet.

Spring Style is all about the Palette – Introducing Design Seeds

I worked for a year in a design studio and one of my favorite websites was Design Seeds. I love getting inspiration from nature and Design Seeds does an excellent job at pulling together palettes from the great outdoors. Here are some of my favorite spring palettes that can be incorporated into your wardrobe! I highly recommend you check out their seasonal almanac for some inspiration in your home or in your closet!

Natural Spring Palettes

Some spring style pieces that caught my eye!

What are your favorite pieces to layer in the spring? Leave them in the comments below. Mine are soft, light, cozy sweaters with a light colored trench and cute booties!
Photography by the talented Rachel Connell 






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