Wedding Collaboration with Local Vendors

Wedding Season Collaboration

I recently had the opportunity to model in a wedding photoshoot. The shoot was organized to highlight local event vendors. It was invigorating to be included in such a large collaboration and I cannot wait to show you the vendors and their unique talents!

It truly takes a village to put together a big event like a wedding and coordination is key. That being said, let’s start with the one and only coordinator herself from Michelle from MO&CO Event Coordination.

 MO&CO Event Coordination

Michelle Owens, owner of MO&CO Event Coordination was the one who reached out to me about this photoshoot. We went to high school together and have kept in contact over the years. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to model for her despite being so far from marriage myself!

Michelle is in her first year of owning this business and she is already blowing my mind. She was telling me how she just couldn’t do the 9-5 grind anymore and wanted more from her career life. Michelle is such a ray of positive energy and I cannot wait to see how her business grows over the years to come. Can you believe she is almost all booked out this summer for weddings! This girl is a hustler and I respect the way she pairs attitude with work ethic.


Instagram: @moandcoevent

Save the Date Beauty – Hamilton

Meet Kristalyn

Okay let’s get real, every gal wants to feel incredible on her wedding day. This collaboration was the first time I met Kristalyn and she is such a warm soul. The amount of care she took into pulling off this look was incredible. There is something to be said for an artist who has this much talent with hair and makeup. Kristalyn is truly a swiss army knife when it comes to beauty.

Time in the Chair

If you’ve ever had your makeup done you know sometimes you are in the chair for a good chunk of time. I honestly had so much fun just chatting with Kristalyn. It was hilarious watching her buzz around me with what seemed to be a magic wand. She recently moved from Vancouver bringing the “Save the Date Beauty” business with her. On behalf of Hamilton Kristalyn, we are thrilled to have you!


Instagram: @savethedatebeauty_hamilton

Belle Epoque Floral Design

Have you ever tried to put together a flower arrangement from scratch? Honey, this art is not easy and so much goes into the creation process. It takes a certain type of person to know what flowers compliment each other and pair them through the art of colour design. Kate is one of those people who understands floral design.

Currently I am laughing to myself thinking about the shoot because honestly, I was not being delicate with this bouquet. There were times I was swinging from ladders, throwing my arms in the air or just holding the flowers upside-down. Hopefully this paints the picture for you that I was not being careful! With all of that being said, this bouquet held up the entire day!


Instagram: @befloral.kt

Willow Decor Co.

When setting the stage for a wedding or an event it is all about mood. The ladies from Willow Decor Co. understand the importance of setting the tone and the environment of a space. They took this rustic barn and transformed it into a magical scene. Pieces like these are not always the centerpiece but rather complimentary to the venue. I am so impressed with both Nicole and Jacalyn and you need to check out their Instagram!


Instagram: @willowdecorco

Sweet Avenue Cakery

Oh honey, sweetie let’s get into the cake! Weddings are sweet and so are the treats! How beautiful is this spread?! Sorry for all the exclamation marks I just truly love this whole table of goodies. One of the best parts of this photoshoot was getting to test some of the cake and it tasted as good as it looks! I also love the idea of having smaller treats available for anyone who just wants a little taste.


Instagram: @sweetavenuecakery

LVH Custom Bridal Gowns

Prior to our scheduled shoot day I met up with Lisa VanHattem and tried on this gown. Lisa is everything you want your fairy godmother. She is kind, soft and extremely talented with thread and needle. I had never really considered the benefits of having a custom gown made before. However, if you are like me you’ve probably had your wedding planned in your mind since you were 1o. Of course with some changes along the way! I am humbled to know Lisa would be able to bring that vision to life in the future.


Instagram: @lvhcustombridalgowns

Lovely Cards

Before working at The Weather Network I actually managed a design + print shop for a year. I have always adored design and calligraphy and I immediately swooned upon seeing Claudia’s work from Lovely Cards. There is something so romantic about the written word. Claudia puts so much care into each individual pieces she creates whether it be written vows or table settings. Take a look at her invitations…


Instagram: @lovely_cards

TEA Photography

There is something so special about a person who is able to capture the right moment behind the lens. The right moment isn’t always about a stunning composition or set-up. The right moment has a feeling and an energy about it.

Tori, of TEA Photography, is a camera wizard with a quick trigger finger when it comes to snapping shots. Working with Tori was like a breath of fresh air. She is so authentic and has a true skill at communicating. Communication is key when selecting a photographer. It allows subjects to feel comfortable and in the moment.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I’ll let her work speak for her. All photos in this post are by Tori. 


Instagram: @tea.photography33


Ryan Webster Visuals

We are so lucky to live in an age filled with such talented creators. Ryan is one of those creators. He is quick working and invested in his final product. It’s funny seeing Ryan get into his work as he gets so excited about capturing specific shots. I laugh to myself thinking about it! But that is truly a small example of his passion for film and video. It was a pleasure to work with Ryan and I can’t wait to show you the final video from this shoot! (I’ll link it below when it is complete!)


Instagram: @r.webbyvisuals


Willow Lanes Farms

If you are looking for a big space and a rustic, family feel for your next event/wedding look no further! Willow Lanes Farm was stunning and so well kept. There was even a mobile home on the side for us to prepare hair and makeup. Last summer Bruce and his wife used the space to throw a couple family weddings. They finally took the jump and decided to transform the space into a venue for the public.

I fell in love with the country feel and the rustic lights. The family was so incredible and extremely accommodating. During the shoot they ran out to grab us coffee to warm up. You can truly feel the love in this space.


Instagram: @willowlanefarmweddings

When planning an event check out what local vendors have to offer. Local vendors put so much love and care into their work. Hope you enjoyed a mini overview of the vendors I had the pleasure of working with!

What was your favorite vendor? What is your style for an event? Leave me a comment below!

Amanda xo






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