Wrap Dress & Summer Strolls

I know this sounds silly, but sometimes I forget just how hot summer can get. I feel like living in Canada I am always so focused on the fall and the winter that as soon as I realize it’s summer, it’s too late! One of my favorite things to do in the summer is just take a stroll in the afternoon down by our Bayfront and grab some ice cream. It’s just so calm in the afternoons and topping off the walk with my favorite snack of all time is really quite the treat.
Amanda Weldon in a Toyshop green faux wrap medium length dress on a summer stroll
 The simplicity of just going for a walk can be met with the simplicity of a wrap dress. I love this wrap dress from Topshop because it is actually a faux wrap. Which honestly, I didn’t even realize until I got home! The tie is just there for show so you can feel completely secure knowing you won’t have a wardrobe malfunction!

One item I feel that every woman should have in their closet is a great pair of nude sandals. The best part about a wrap dress is they already bump up the feminine look. Thus, even if you wear some simple gladiators or a nude heel, the look comes together easily.
Amanda Weldon in a Toyshop green faux wrap medium length dress on a summer stroll

Get My Look

To top off this look I added some simple jewelry and I was ready to hit the road! You can find all the features of this outfit below.

Embrace the Wrap Dress

Like I said earlier I love the wrap dress in the summer. In fact, I really just love dresses in the summer. During the warm months it’s so simple to throw your hair up in a pony, slap on some sandals and simple dress and leave the house feeling put together. Here are some of my top wrap dress finds and because it is nearing the end of the season (dare I say) a lot of them are even on sale!

This dress was also a feature in my Below the Blonde reveal! That is just how much I love how it moves and fits!

Below the Blonde from Thrillhouse Studios on Vimeo.




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