Write a note with love for no reason at all

Write a note with love for no reason at all

Work it hard, friendship is hard, family is hard, love is hard. Life is hard. But you know what. You are hard too. Hard working, hard headed, hard not to love and hard to replace. You are here for a reason so take your hard headed self and run straight into life and kick butt. You are meant to be here. When things get hard, level up my friend. It’s time to grow.

– Amanda Weldon

Sometimes you need to write a note as if it were for someone else. Even if you know you’re the one who really needs it most. I truly believe in the power of positive self talk. I have been working very hard over the past little bit with my own personal self-confidence. But sometimes I need a little reminder. And honestly my friends, the best reminders come from our own heart.

I also, love writing cards and randomly sending them to friends. Not because of a particular holiday or anything but just because I love them. I do this as soon as I start thinking about someone a lot or if I start missing them. There is something so fun about receiving letters in the mail.

Write a note with love for no reason at all

Whenever a friend has sent me something in the mail out of the blue my heart instantly melts. It is also funny how things like this happen when you need them the most. 

This was my mini card to you. Because, I truly love you guys.

Cover Photo by Swire Photos & the amazing cards found in it at Mixed Media.



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