Below the Blonde is a source for inspiration that covers everything from motivation and beauty to home and travel. I hope to encourage people by adding a little bit of inspiration daily.


I started Below the Blonde back in 2014 when I was thinking about pursuing a career in journalism. I was a Science student and varsity athlete at University but, needed a path change. I loved Science and ended up graduating from the program before pursuing a career on the big screen. I started endlessly searching for ways to start a blog and join the other amazing women and men on YouTube. I decided to join a few photography classes in my off-year at a local college and the race was on! I have a passion for capturing the world and I am relentless finding ways to one day make this a career.

I went into this process at first without any expectations, but just to have fun and use Below the Blonde as a platform to be creative. It’s amazing what can happen when you truly love what you’re doing. I am now a graduate of the New Media program at Sheridan College and am trying to find that “it” job. Blogging has never felt like a “job” to me, but rather an outlet I always looked forward to at the end of the day or on weekends. It has made me happy and excited and kept me motivated.

To you my subscriber I promise to keep working at this passion. Not only to provide you with fun content to explore but for me to reach my fullest creative potential. I wish to one day have the ability to focus solely on this as my business.

The thing about my story is that it is still being written and everyday brings a new adventure or opportunity, that’s what is so exciting and thrilling. So, thank you for following along and for your continued support!

xx Amanda



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