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Fashion Trends for 2022: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and More


Style trends filter down from the runway. Today we’ll investigate what six fashion watch dogs are saying based on powerhouse fashion houses like Chanel, Dior and more.

Whether you love or hate fashion trends there is always something to appreciate about the art of the runway. After all, fashion is simply art in motion. In today’s video I will be doing a deep dive on the latest and greatest fashion trends of 2022 by compiling and cross referencing trend reports from 7 top style sources.

I did my best to break down and present the top chosen trends first and the outliers last. In the video we will talk about clothing trends and then break down some forecasted trends for shoes and accessories. Through my years I most certainly have gotten to the point where I can identify if a trend will be right for me or not pretty quickly. Or I like to think I have gotten to this point. But even though I don’t follow trends in my own life like a religion I do find a ton of inspiration from them.

With that being said, I hope you find some inspiration here too! Please do let me know if any of these trends have caught your eye, if you see yourself recreating any from your existing wardrobe or if you are scared to see these filter down into society! We love a conversation in the YouTube comments on this channel!

A Culmination of the Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends for 2022

1. Bright Colours (Dopamine Dressing)

Bring on Spring/Summer 2022 and ALL of the bright colours. I really believe 2022 is our year to break free of the doom and gloom of the news cycle. This breaking free movement is going to be seen heavily on the runway and in the trends for the year. Fashion forecasters are already looking specifically at citrus colours (yellow, orange and saffron), periwinkle and green to be a highlight of this years colour trends. I have most definitely never shied away from colour and pattern in my wardrobe but this year more than ever I will be embracing the pieces I already own in my wardrobe and maybe adding a few along the way!

The easiest way to add a bold “look at me” colour to your wardrobe I think is through accessories. In this year’s fashion trends bright bags is also mentioned below. Just keep scrolling!

2. Mini Skirts with some Flare

In the past this would have been my nightmare. Like an “AMANDA WAKE UP, WAKE UP!” kind of nightmare. Too dramatic? Maybe. To be honest I still feel this way about the “micro mini” but let’s not even speak about those. The mini skirt is back in business baby. There are so many different types of mini skirts emerging but the high trend on this front is going to be mini skirt suiting.

The runway has been reflecting a lot of extra flare, monochromatic styles, tweed and more when it comes to their minis and I am here for it. For winter 2022 I have already bought into this style with a few minis from Aritzia and they make me feel like a whole new woman. Highly recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone and giving these a try once more.

3. Maxi Skirts

When I saw maxi skirts were trending as well I couldn’t help but to hum a little Ironic by Alanis Morissette. Yes that is right a high and low hemline are in fact in this upcoming fashion season. I love to think of it as “2022 – the year of the extremes.” We love an outfit with flow and since the maxi skirts are back in action gorgeous movement is here to stay. I would also like to say this trend will match nicely with the bra trop trend that is most certainly still very much in the limelight.

4. Y2K Fashion Trends

Butterflies, denim and mod patterns are in hunny. But we can’t think of Y2K fashion without a nod to low rise jeans. That’s right I said it don’t shoot the messenger. Many fashion watchdogs are calling for the return of the midriff and included in that is a lower rise pant. Hopefully brands stay true to a respectable rise and we don’t fall back to the pubic bone revealing denim trends of the 90’s. *Unanimous gasp from the audience*

Many publications were saying instead of thinking of our beloved Britany Spears of the 90’s think more Bottega Vanetta and a low rise resting respectfully on your hips and flowing down… Okay I’ll bite. I am most certainly interested to see how the public buys into the idea of this trend rising up (pun intended) or not from the ashes.

5. “Regencycore” or Thanks Bridgerton

Maybe we have the creators of Bridgerton to thank for the surge of “Regencycore”. Those steamy scenes weren’t the only thing that caught the audiences attention. Regencycore is an overall aesthetic based on silhouettes from the United Kingdom’s Regency era (1811-1820). We are talking the era of gloss, an emphasis on culture, gossip and relative sexual liberation and those elements certainly filtered into the style of the upper class. As for a makeup look we are really talking about a natural clean makeup with a glossy, highlighted finish. In fashion this means the return of dainty florals, pearls and corsets.

6. Bright Bags

Do you name your bags? If you do make sure you have a name with a pop because bags this season are attention seekers. Your favourite accessories this season will be following a similar theme to the first trend mentioned, bright colours. We might also be seeing a little more play when it comes to shape and structure. It is forecast that cylindrical bags are going to be on the rise.

7. Cutouts, Midriff Baring Pieces and Bra Tops

Hibernation was cute but the fact of the matter is that fashion houses are expecting you to take off those layers and show a little more than you might be used to. That is right cutouts, midriff revealing outfits and bra tops are continuing their rein. Personally I think with the rise of younger social platforms (i.e. TikTok) this kind of trend is going to thrive through the spring, summer season.

8. Catsuits Baby!

You might immediately be seeing a mental image of Halle Berry as Catwoman and I support it. But this trend is a little less hiding in the shadows of the night and a lot more look at me. We have been seeing catsuits on the most rich and famous and I think this is only the beginning. Though it might seem like there is only one way to go with a catsuit the reality is there is a lot of room to play. Take Kim Kardashian’s bright pink catsuit on SNL or Hailey Bieber and Lizzo rocking a full on floral look. The possibilities are truly endless!

9. Androgynous Gender Neutral Style

Androgynous styling has been growing in popularity for some time now and it shows no sign of slowing down. There is so much versatility to a unisex piece. The palette is usually prone to go against the bright colours however there is certainly room here to play. I think when we are talking gender neutral style we are really talking about the shape of pieces and the way they are styled. I can’t see this “trend” going anywhere and I think more than anything else it really comes down to personal preference.

10. Vacation Inspired Outfits

You could use a vacation right? Yah, me too. I think it’s safe to say we ALL deserve a vacation. If you can’t hit the beach this trend is either going to inspire you to step it up when you can or create the illusion of vacation mode. For some reason vacation wear hasn’t just been trending at the resort but on the streets as well. I am all here for amping up the volume on my collection when I am headed to a destination but I’m not sure about it when I’m surfing the produce aisle at my local grocery.

Let’s Talk Shoe Trends

I would love to be a fly on the wall for some of these pitch meetings. “Okay stay with me, for 2022 what about — Platform Clogs?” Okayyy I need some more information.

That’s right platforms are coming back in many sense of the word apparently. We are going to be seeing platform boots, runners and most specifically clogs. I think we can thank the resurgence of Crocs for that one.

Accessories Also Get a Trend

The Chain Belt

I am really looking forward to the up and coming trend of chain belts. I think there is a lot of room for flexibility here whether you are shopping luxury or the high street. Adding an accessory like the chain belt can most certainly elevate a simple look and I think we all need a little bit more of that in our lives. Accessories like this are also a great way to break your wardrobe onto the luxury scene without spending your retirement fund.


During the dog days of summer a headscarf can be a great addition to any outfit not only for fashion but also functionality. There are a ton of options when it comes to the type of headscarf we are talking here but also a variety of how to wear them. Another great way to sneak some luxury into you wardrobe. I like trends and pieces like this because as soon as they are “out” you can tie them to your bag and wait for their return!

The Outliers

These are the ones that get a notable mention but sadly only made 1/6 of the articles with no crossover.


Trails & Trains



Glamour in Grunge

Nightie Chic


Slouchy Trousers

Preppy Attire


Micro Blazers

Raver Style


Elevated Loungewear


Updated Canadian Tuxedo

Thanks for reading through this video! I’m curious what trends you already wear, what ones you love, what ones you hate and what ones you are excited to see come through this year. Let me know in the comment section of the video! Time to go organize my wardrobe!

Sending you loads of love in style,

Amanda xo

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