Find arcana cabin in the woods


Ontario Staycation in the Woods: The Arcana Cabin


If you’re looking for a return to nature just a couple hours outside of Toronto it’s time for you to find arcana. Here’s a tour of this cozy cabin in the woods.

Our Experience in Words

The first thing I noticed, as we stepped out of our truck, was how quiet it was at Arcana. The sun was still peeking through the trees, just a few hours before sunset, and the only sound was the quiet whisper of the cool autumn wind as it danced through the woods, hello November. And there, tucked away just up a wood chipped path was our cabin. My fiancé Scotty, our adventure pup Rosie and I had made it. We’d arrived at Arcana, our cozy cabin vacation in Ontario.

Find arcana cabin in the woods

The cabin was easy to overlook at first with its mirrored siding camouflaging it amidst the green and gray woods. But as we followed the path we came across it’s welcoming private deck, ready fire pit and of course the incredible panorama window at the front of the cabin. Scotty and I stepped inside and were blown away by the cozy interior.

Arcana’s cabins are 275 square feet of perfectly organized home elegance. This is a cabin that boasts, a queen bed, full toilet, walk in shower, sound system, high speed wifi, heated bathroom floor, AC and central heat, kitchenette with stove top and oven and work table—all of these amenities and yet you feel like you have significant space to move around. Not once did we feel cramped or in each other’s way (a doubly impressive feat considering we’re both overpackers). Instead it made us think about our own current living situation back home at our condo and how we could better use the space we have (as we’re always on the hunt for more storage space).

As I got to work unpacking and getting things ready for dinner (and poured the complimentary local cider provided by Arcana), Scotty got to work on starting the fire just outside. Meanwhile Rosie, our goldendoodle, made herself right at home. 

We had left our home near Toronto later than we’d expected and hit traffic on the way there (a typically two hour drive northwest of Toronto) and so we decided we’d save the wooded trails around our cabin for the morning as the sun was fast setting. Instead, we did enjoyed a wonderful night inside, listening to our favourite music, having dinner and relaxing in this beautiful stay away from the hustle and bustle of home. 

Our sleep was wonderful and in the morning we made coffee and tea and then took Rosie on a nice long walk. It was once again so refreshing to be out in the quiet woods, with only the wind in the tree boughs above and the soft crunch of leaves beneath our feet as the soundtrack to our hike. 

Pro doggie owner tip, make sure your poodle doesn’t go exploring too far on her long lede as when we got back to the cabin we had to give Rosie a wash in the shower and take care of several of the burrs thats she’d joyously leaped through as we explored the private trails near our cabin. 

We took the rest of the morning slow. We took pictures and videos of the cabin and our stay so we could record the memory and share them with friends, then we spent some time writing and reading before we decided it’d be fun to head into the nearest town (Collingwood) to grab some lunch and some supplies for dinner. 

On the way we stopped and played tourist at nearby Blue Mountain Resort, walking around the village shops and restaurants before heading to Collingwood proper. Collingwood was a lovely town, with incredibly friendly citizens saying hello to us as we explored the downtown and of course many pats and scritches for Rosie (she’s always a crowd pleaser). We took our lunch to a nearby park that overlooked Georgian Bay. We grabbed dinner from Sõl Kitchen (a delicious ready to eat lasagna) and drove back to our cabin in the woods for another romantic night in. 

After another refreshing night’s sleep and deliciously slow morning (have to mention how wonderful the shower was at the cabin, perfect water pressure, temperature and those heated bathroom floors were just divine) we took one last walk in the trails. Our only regret as we packed up our things back into the car was that we hadn’t taken advantage of nearby sauna that arcana offers.

I also just want to mention that I had made myself so at home at the cabin that I actually forgot that I’d placed my makeup bag into the bathroom vanity and I left it behind as we drove home. When I realized our mistake at home all it took was a text to our contact at Arcana who quickly assured me that she’d found the bag and would actually drive it out my way just a few days later as they were headed that way anyways. I was so incredibly grateful for this kindness and definitely wanted to mention my appreciation for this thoughtfulness and above and beyond service! 

We left arcana feeling refreshed, ready to take on the rest of the year and eager to book our next stay at our cozy cabin getaway in the woods. 

More on the amenities below!

Amanda xo

Find arcana cabin in the woods

More on the Amenities


The arcana cabin covers a lot of ground in a tiny footprint. This 275 square foot space is home to a queen bed, kitchenette, bathroom, work table and opens to a private deck and fire pit. Each cabin is nestled in a unique private spot in the forest surrounded by trees and spotted with sunlight.


Every detail of the experience has been considered so you’ll never need to leave the site. The goal of this layout is to allow you to cook simple meals, sleep on a cloud-like bed, wanter through the wilderness and explore new rituals.


The kitchenette is fully equipped with a mini fridge, stove and oven to help you cook simple meals. The fire-pit and frill on the deck gives you the option as well to cook outdoors.


The location offers a unique combination of natural beauty, seclusion and proximity to the city. Each cabin is architecturally designed and sustainably focused.


A short wanter through the woods will bring you to a private sauna with forest facing windows. There is also a tea room you can individually book for some extra mindful moments.


– Queen Bed

– Wifi, AC, Heat (Heated Floors as well)

– Private Bathroom

– Utensils & Kitchenware

– Cooktop & Oven

– Local Ingredients

– Deck & Fire Pit

– Sauna Access & Tea Room Access

– Full Toilet – Private Trails


arcana is located less than two hours northwest of Toronto, on naturally forested land. The address is shared with you upon booking.


Your booking includes everything you’ll need to experience the wild. We provide fresh linens, plush towels, toiletries, running water, cooking essentials, and yes, even wifi. Outside the cabin, you have access to a private deck with a fire pit and outdoor seating, as well as a sauna and over 15km of trails. (From their website)


We have a minimum stay of two nights because we strongly believe you need at least a couple nights to unwind and really sink into the magic of the wilderness. (From their website)


The safety and wellbeing of our guests are our top priority. We’ve designed an easy self check-in experience to promote social distancing and solitude during your stay. We’ve also implemented deep cleaning practices in accordance with CDC guidelines to ensure our cabin is thoroughly sanitized between guests. (From their website)

NOTE arcana sells out very quickly so be sure to follow their social media for all of the most up to date cabin releases! CHECK OUT FIND ARCANA HERE

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