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The Best Raffia Details for Summer


Raffia is a trending material for the summer season. There are many ways to style this versatile fabric so let’s break it down some of my favourite uses!

As the golden sun shines and balmy breezes beckon, summer whispers its arrival, summoning us to embrace the carefree spirit of the season. And what better way to immerse ourselves in the essence of summertime than by adorning ourselves with the delightful and versatile raffia? With its rustic charm and natural allure, raffia emerges as the ultimate summer accessory, weaving its way into our hearts and wardrobes with purses, shoes, and more. Have I mentioned raffia is once again a huge trend for the summer?


Rooted in Tradition

Derived from the leaves of the Raffia palm tree, raffia boasts a rich history, deeply intertwined with cultural traditions across the globe. For centuries, artisans have meticulously harvested, dyed, and woven this remarkable material to create functional and exquisite pieces. From the shores of Madagascar to the vast plains of Africa, raffia has long been revered for its strength, durability, and breathability, making it an ideal choice for summer accessories.

Effortless Elegance

One of the undeniable charms of raffia lies in its inherent ability to exude effortless elegance. Whether it’s a beautifully crafted raffia handbag or a pair of whimsical raffia sandals, these accessories effortlessly elevate any summer ensemble. The intricate weaves and delicate textures of raffia create a sense of lightness, evoking visions of sandy beaches, sun-kissed skin, and leisurely strolls under the swaying palms.

Breathable Fabric

As summer bestows its warmth upon us, our desire for comfort and breathability becomes paramount. Raffia, with its natural fiber composition, answers this call impeccably. Its porous and open structure allows air to circulate freely, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfortable, even on the hottest of days. Bid farewell to stifling footwear, as raffia’s breathable qualities keep you feeling refreshed and at ease throughout those long summer adventures.

Versatility Personified

One of the most enchanting attributes of raffia lies in its versatility. From totes to clutches, slides to espadrilles, raffia adapts effortlessly to various accessory forms, making it a go-to choice for fashion enthusiasts. Whether you’re sashaying along the shoreline in a sun hat made of intricately woven raffia or accessorizing an evening ensemble with a chic raffia clutch, this humble fiber seamlessly transitions from day to night, from casual to elegant, reflecting the ever-changing moods of summer.

An Ethical and Sustainable Choice

In an era where sustainability and ethical practices take center stage, raffia stands as a shining example of a mindful choice. Harvested from renewable resources, this eco-friendly material boasts a low carbon footprint, making it an appealing option for those seeking fashion with a conscience. By opting for raffia accessories, you embrace a connection to nature and support the artisans and communities involved in the age-old art of raffia weaving.


For the summer season raffia emerges as a captivating companion, infusing our fashion choices with its rustic elegance and timeless charm. From the bustling streets of the city to the idyllic shores of far-flung destinations, raffia accessories serve as a testament to our longing for nature’s touch and our desire to embrace the carefree spirit of summer. If you’re anything like me you’re going to be indulging in the breezy allure of raffia, allowing it to effortlessly enhance your summer style and transport you to sun-drenched paradise.

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As you can see I love a bit of raffia and I know this fabric will always be part of my wardrobe routine in the spring summer. I hope you enjoyed this mini deep dive and can give life to something already in your wardrobe.

Loads of Love!

Amanda xo

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