The Hottest Travel Trends for 2024 According to Expedia


Celebrate the holidays in New York City and learn about the hottest travel trends for 2024 according to the experts!

Embracing 2024’s Hottest Travel Trends: A Festive Journey Through New York City

Welcome to the ultimate festive adventure in the heart of New York City, perfectly aligned with Expedia’s 2024’s cutting-edge travel trends. See them all below, they will be sure to get you buzzing!

This journey takes us to iconic locations, from the historic Lotte Palace, a hub of luxury and style, to the vibrant streets where famous TV and film scenes come to life. As we embrace the holiday spirit, join me in discovering the city’s rich cultural tapestry through unique experiences, including zero-proof mixology classes and electrifying concert nights.

This blog is your go-to guide for weaving the magic of New York into your travel plans, all while staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends in tourism. Get ready to explore the Big Apple like never before!

What are the Expedia Travel Trends for 2024?


Travellers are increasingly inspired by TV shows and movies, often planning trips to destinations featured in their favourite on-screen stories. This trend has grown significantly, with many travellers researching or booking destinations they’ve seen in films or TV shows​​.

“Dupes” in Travel:

Popularized by TikTok, this trend involves seeking more affordable alternatives to popular travel destinations. These ‘dupe’ locations often offer unique experiences, are less crowded, and provide potential savings, appealing to a significant portion of travellers​​. I love looking these up as they help me see the path less taken and often just as breathtaking!

Tour Tourism:

Driven by the popularity of major music tours, an increasing number of travellers are attending concerts outside their hometowns. This trend is partly due to the desire to explore new places and sometimes influenced by lower ticket prices in different cities​​. A little hit to the concert we saw in New York City below!

Zero-Proof Holidays:

Reflecting a growing interest in health and wellness, travellers are showing an inclination towards alcohol-free vacations. Hotels and destinations are responding by offering mocktail experiences and zero-proof beverage options, appealing to those seeking a healthier travel experience​​.

Hotel Vibe and Feel:

Travellers are placing greater importance on the overall atmosphere and vibe of a hotel, often influenced by social media mentions and reviews. The ambiance and character of a hotel are becoming as significant as traditional factors like amenities and star ratings​​. I will often walk into a new place and immediately access the vibe and feeling first before anything else!

Cultural Immersion:

There’s a growing interest in immersing oneself in local cultures, as seen by increased searches for accommodations that offer an authentic local experience, like traditional inns and homes with cultural significance​​. This next year is going to be about learning and growing – cultural experiences can help you do that!

Celebratory Group Travel:

Unique occasions such as ‘puppymoons’, ‘babymoons’ and ‘first-date-iversaries’ are becoming popular reasons for group travel. This trend reflects a desire for creating memorable experiences around personal milestones and celebrations​​.

Outdoor Amenities in Vacation Rentals:

Travellers are increasingly looking for vacation rentals that offer outdoor amenities, such as private gardens or pools, which they may not have at home. This trend is driven by a desire for unique and luxurious experiences during their vacations​​.

Generative AI in Travel Planning:

The use of AI in travel planning is on the rise, with travellers showing interest in leveraging technology for hotel and vacation rental searches, comparing flight options, and getting destination inspiration​

The Arrival – Vibe Check-In at the Lotte Palace

Trend: Hotel’s Vibe and Feel

Nestled in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the Lotte Palace stands as a beacon of historic luxury and contemporary charm. This architectural marvel, with its intricate gilded details and sumptuous decor, is a living testament to New York’s rich history and vibrant present. As you step through its grand doors, you’re not just entering a hotel; you’re stepping into a world where elegance and style are the norm.

The Lotte Palace’s allure isn’t just in its physical beauty. This hotel has carved out a unique niche in pop culture, becoming a sought-after backdrop for TV shows like “Gossip Girl.” Its corridors and suites have hosted the fictional elite, making it a destination for fans wanting to experience a slice of their favourite show’s glamour. I’m not going to lie I immediately looked up TikTok sounds to dub as soon as I found out we were staying there. Serena van der Woodsen has re-entered the chat!

The hotel’s ambiance is a harmonious blend of the past and the present. It’s classic architecture, featuring soaring ceilings and grand staircases, harks back to a bygone era, while modern amenities ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay. Each room is full of plush furnishings, artworks, and breathtaking views of the city skyline, making every moment spent inside an experience in itself. I was not expecting to have this much space in a New York hotel room as all of my stays before had been very close quarters.

To truly capture the essence of the Lotte Palace, one must witness its grandeur firsthand. The exterior, with its classic stonework and regal facade, commands attention amidst the bustling city streets. Inside, the lobby exudes an air of sophistication, with crystal chandeliers casting a warm glow over velvet-draped lounges and polished marble floors.

In the heart of a city that’s always moving, the Lotte Palace offers a serene escape where the vibe is as important as the accommodations. It’s a place where history meets luxury, where every stay is not just a visit, but a memorable journey into the heart of New York’s high life.

Exploring the City – Set-Jetting in the Big Apple

Trend: Set-Jetting

The pulsating streets of New York City, adorned with festive lights and echoing with the buzz of holiday cheer, served as our playground for an immersive journey into the world of Set-Jetting. This trend, where travellers are inspired by the silver screen and television sets, has woven itself into the fabric of our trip, bringing to life the magic that only NYC can offer.

As we embarked on the NYC TV & Film Tour, the city unfolded like a cinematic tapestry, showcasing landmarks that have graced countless films and TV shows. Each stop was a portal into a world where fiction meets reality. We stood before the iconic Friends building, feeling the presence of the beloved characters who ‘lived’ there. The Ghostbusters HQ, still standing stoic, reminded us of the laughter and thrill the movie brought to audiences worldwide.

The Plaza Hotel, forever etched in our memories from ‘Home Alone,’ stood as a beacon of luxury and timeless elegance, its festive decorations adding an extra layer of charm. And then there was our own hotel, the Lotte Palace, a star in its own right with its feature in ‘Gossip Girl,’ epitomizing the glamour and drama of the show.

A highlight was our visit to the Top of the Rock. As we gazed upon the Empire State Building, an emblem of cinematic romance and ambition, it was clear why this city is a filmmaker’s dream. The view, spanning the skyline, was not just a visual feast but a mosaic of stories and dreams captured on film.

Set-Jetting in New York City is more than just a trend; it’s an experience that transcends the screen. It connects us to the stories we’ve loved and the characters we’ve admired. As we navigated the city, it was evident from the crowds and their excitement that this form of travel inspiration is here to stay, growing stronger with each scene and storyline that finds its home in the streets of NYC.

Section 3: Unique Experiences – Dry-Tripping at Apotheke Nomad

Trend: Dry Tripping

A Toast to Health and Flavour at Apotheke’s Mocktail Mixology

In an era where wellness and mindfulness are not just trends but lifestyle choices, our visit to Apotheke Nomad’s Mocktail Mixology session was a delightful immersion into the world of zero-proof holidays. This trend, as highlighted by Expedia, reflects a growing desire among travelers to engage in healthy, alcohol-free holiday celebrations.

Apotheke, known for its craft and creativity, provided the perfect backdrop for this experience. The masterclass was not just about mixing drinks; it was an exploration of flavours, scents, and the art of creating visually stunning and delicious mocktails. It was fascinating to see how the mixologist used a variety of ingredients – from fresh herbs and spices to exotic fruits and homemade syrups – to craft beverages that were complex and satisfying, without a drop of alcohol.

As we learned the techniques and secrets behind these concoctions, it was clear that mocktails are much more than just an alternative to alcoholic drinks. They are a celebration of taste and health, offering a way to enjoy the social aspect of drinking without the after-effects of alcohol. This aligns perfectly with the trend of sober-curious travellers seeking out experiences that allow them to stay in control and feel better both emotionally and physically.

The mocktail masterclass at Apotheke was a testament to the fact that nonalcoholic drinks can be just as, if not more, creative and appealing as their alcoholic counterparts. Each creation we crafted was a unique blend of flavours, beautifully presented, making the experience both enjoyable and Instagram-worthy.

Watch Instagram Reel of this experience here

Section 4: The Power of Live Music – Tour Tourism with Mariah Carey

Trend: Tour Tourism

The exhilarating energy of live music and the allure of new destinations blend seamlessly in the trend of Tour Tourism, a phenomenon that’s reshaping the way we travel. Our experience at Mariah Carey’s concert in the iconic Madison Square Garden was a vivid illustration of this trend, which, as per Expedia’s insights, is rapidly gaining momentum.

Mariah Carey, the undisputed Queen of Christmas music, provided more than just a concert; it was a festive extravaganza, a gathering of diverse fans united by their love for her timeless holiday classics. The atmosphere was electric, filled with anticipation and the joyous spirit of the season. As she belted out her hits, the audience, including us, we were swept up in the magic of her performance. Seriously I cannot stress how talented this woman is!

The concert was not just a musical journey but also a testament to the power of Tour Tourism. The couples we met, who had flown in from as far as Bermuda and Las Vegas, underscored the growing trend of traveling for live music events.

Nearly 70% of people, according to Expedia, are now more likely to travel to a concert outside their hometown, with many seeing it as an opportunity to explore a new city. In some cases, as with 30% of travellers, the decision is also economically driven, with cheaper tickets in other cities being a significant motivator! (I’m really thinking about Taylor Swift’s Eras tour on this one!)

Our evening at Madison Square Garden highlighted how music tourism is becoming a significant part of people’s travel plans. It’s not just about seeing an artist perform; it’s about the experience of being in a new or beloved city, the communal atmosphere of the concert, and the memories created.

Side note the evening was made even more incredible when Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson also joined in for a song! When Mariah said “I have some angels with me for the next one” we had no idea who would show up and they did not disappoint! (More scenes from this in the vlog on YouTube)

A Trip to Rememeber

I still cannot believe I had the chance to travel with Expedia to explore some of their top travel trends for 2024. Do any of these themes interest you? We were able to check of 4 from the list in just two and a half days and I’m already to try more of them! Let me know over on YouTube if there is something you think I need to see the next time I go back. I’d love to hear about your trips to NYC over the holidays and through the year. I am hoping to return in the summer months to see more of the city in a different seasonal backdrop.

Thank you Expedia for hosting and thank you for reading along. Cheers to a year full of new adventures, new memories and exploring more of this incredible world!

All of my love this new year,


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