How to Add Music to a Static Instagram Post


Instagram has now enabled the ability to add music to a static post. Here is how you can use this function to up your social media game!


You can now add music behind a static post on Instagram. However there is a caveat, it can only be one static photo. There is currently no option for carousel posts but I’m sure that will be rolling out soon as TikTok already has that on lock. The battle continues between our social media overlords — I digress.

Here is how you can now add music behind a static post on Instagram.


  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app by updating it in your App Store
  • Note new features are typically rolled out regionally over time (your country or region might not have this feature just yet)
  • Click the (+) and add “Post”
  • Choose only 1 static photo and click “Next”
  • You will see a new section below location called “Add music”
  • There you will see the top songs for your library
  • Click the (>) to search your library
  • Select the section of the song you desire and click “Done”
  • Once you’ve filled everything out click “Share”
  • There you have it! You have music behind a static post on Instagram!

What do you think about this new feature? Are photos making a comeback on these apps?
Let me know in the comments below and share this reel with our fellow social media nerds!

Showing you Instagram’s Latest Feature on Video

Benefits of Adding Music to Instagram Posts

There are many different reasons for using a new feature. However, if we are specifically narrowing it down to the ability to add music to a static post here is why I think you should give it a try.

  • Adds some texture and personality to your post by adding a new sense
  • Can give more context to the feeling of your post
  • The ability to share more about yourself and what kind of music you love with your audience
  • Has the potential to keep eyeballs for longer on your post which can inform the algorithm that people are liking your content and keeping people on their app longer thus boosting your potential to be seen
  • Using new features in an app is usually a great way to boost exposure by the algorithm

Thoughts about Instagram Music vs. TikTok

As these two apps duke it out in the social media ring I think we can all agree we are seeing similar functions come to the main stage for both of them. I do have to say at the moment though Instagram is the current preferred platform for photo content, TikTok is taking notice. And in fact TikTok has just enabled the ability to add a carousel of photos with music behind it. I do think Instagram will catch up with the ability to add more than just one static post but for now it seems TikTok is taking top prize for this feature at the moment.

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