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How to Transform Your Spare Bedroom into the English Countryside


Last year Scotty and I moved into our next chapter. A new home, a new slate and a new backdrop for our lives to unfold. Welcome to our spare bedroom makeover!

Creating a warm and welcoming spare bedroom for guests is not only a thoughtful gesture but also a transformative experience that can breathe new life into any spare room. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often overlook the importance of having a serene haven for our friends and family when they come to visit. A well-designed guest room not only provides comfort and convenience but also reflects your hospitality and style.



In my journey to revamp our once dark and drab spare bedroom, I discovered a wealth of inspiration on Pinterest. This online treasure trove is a virtual wonderland for interior design enthusiasts, a place where big transformations take shape and creativity knows no bounds. With a plethora of ideas and themes to explore, I embarked on a mission to transform this underutilized space into a countryside-inspired oasis.

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Pinterest served as the perfect catalyst for this project, offering an array of design concepts that resonated with the rustic charm and tranquility of the English countryside. From soothing colour palettes reminiscent of rolling fields to DIY crafts that evoke the feeling of a cozy cottage.

Join me as I share my experiences, insights, and the delightful discoveries that have breathed life into our once dim and uninspiring spare bedroom.

Through this blog, you’ll uncover the secrets to infusing warmth and character into your guest space and taking hold of as many senses as possible, all while immersing yourself in the picturesque allure of the countryside (hopefully!).

Welcome to my first large scale home transformation and learn how to create a retreat where guests can escape the chaos of the world and find solace in the tranquility right within the walls of our home.

Farrow and Ball Vert de Terre

From the beginning Vert de Terre by Farrow and Ball was the ideal choice for paint colour for our spare bedroom transformation. Every time I would see it on the walls of someone I followed or in my Pinterest inspiration I just knew I had to have it in our home too.

Farrow and Ball, a renowned British paint company with a rich history dating back to 1946, has earned its reputation for creating exquisite, heritage-inspired hues. Vert de Terre, in particular, embodies the essence of the English countryside with its soft, muted green reminiscent of rolling hills and lush meadows.

The choice of Vert de Terre is more than just a colour; it’s a connection to tradition and nature. This paint, like many in Farrow and Ball’s collection, is crafted using time-honoured techniques and high-quality pigments. The result is a finish that exudes warmth and depth, making it perfect for creating a cozy, rustic atmosphere in our spare bedroom.

The soft green tones of Vert de Terre seamlessly translate our vision of the English countryside, where nature’s tranquility meets classic charm.

It captures the essence of rural life, evoking the feeling of a peaceful retreat, where guests can escape the chaos of modern living and immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the countryside—all thanks to Farrow and Ball’s commitment to craftsmanship and the timeless allure of Vert de Terre.

Because we live in Canada it is much harder to get our hands on Farrow and Ball paint. So here is a little hack for for fellow Canadians! I took this inspiration to my local Sherwin Williams and had them colour match Vert de Terre. I used their Satin finish paint and voila the same result and my vision come to life!

Monika Hibbs Home Collection

Monika Hibbs, is a prominent figure in the world of lifestyle blogging and has been an endless source of inspiration for our countryside-inspired spare bedroom transformation. Through her blog and online store, Monika Hibbs Home, she introduced me to a world of stunning home decor pieces that have truly elevated this project.

Among the treasures that Monika thoughtfully sent our way, a dinner school bell takes pride of place in our new guest retreat. This bell not only serves as a delightful decorative element but also adds a touch of nostalgia, harkening back to the simplicity and charm of rural living. Plus it’s fun to tell guests to ring if they need anything!


Two exquisite prints that Monika shared with us were the initial sparks of inspiration for our entire room makeover. These prints, with their evocative countryside florals we sought to recreate. They have become the focal point of our decor, setting the tone for the entire room.

Last but not least an adorable addition to our trundle bed in the spare bedroom is the countryside-inspired lumbar pillow sham from the Monika Hibbs Home Collection. Its refined design and exceptional craftsmanship perfectly embody the rustic elegance we envisioned for the space. It not only adds comfort but also ties together the room’s aesthetic seamlessly.

Monika Hibbs’ curated selection of home goods, including these remarkable pieces, has undeniably played a pivotal role in bringing our countryside-inspired spare bedroom to life. Her commitment to quality and her impeccable taste shine through in every item, making them essential components of our transformed guest space – and there is so much more to discover on her site!

We are immensely grateful for Monika’s contributions to our project and look forward to sharing the final result with her and our future guests.

Gold Hardware Warms Any Room

The addition of gold hardware to a room can be a transformative touch that elevates the entire space to a new level of sophistication and elegance. Gold accents have a timeless allure that exudes luxury and warmth, creating a sense of opulence and refinement.

I love the look of gold details in this room but you can absolutely say the same thing for silver or bronze – it’s just important to stay on theme for that cohesive thread.

When considering hardware elements like doorknobs, door stoppers, curtain tiebacks, frames, and more, it’s essential not to overlook these details. These seemingly small components can make a substantial impact on the overall aesthetic.

Gold hardware adds a sense of cohesiveness and attention to detail, subtly tying together the room’s design elements. It’s the finishing touch that harmonizes with other decor choices, reflecting a sense of thoughtfulness and intentionality in your interior design.

So, whether it’s a gilded doorknob or a shimmering curtain tieback, don’t underestimate the power of gold hardware to elevate your space to new heights of beauty and sophistication. I have linked down below the ones I found online and truth be told I am impressed with the quality and look of all of them!


I have slowly been changing every doorknob in our home to these beautiful french antique brass ones. We have opted for two dummy knobs for the closet (hot tip you only need to buy one because it will satisfy both sides! Save yourself some money because you don’t need them on the inside).

Down below I have linked the different types below as well as the crystal ones I’ve used in our home.

Bow Curtain Tiebacks

An Etsy Find I Love


If you know me or you’ve seen any of our wedding photos you’ll know I love bows. I love the simple beauty of them. That being said the moment I saw these tiebacks I knew I had to pull the trigger. Honestly when I purchased them I didn’t even know where they were going but I love them in this space!

The Small Details in Our Spare Bedroom

And a quick look at how the small details can be the common tread in a space. Even down to the door stop!

Air Registers

These air vents are INCREDIBLE quality – seriously I am blown away. Another piece that I have been slowly buying as they go on sale and I have officially changed over all of the vents in our home. I can’t tell you how much of an impact they have made. Changing up the plastic covers with detail like this has been an absolute game changer for the aesthetics of our home. I cannot recommend these enough!



The IKEA Hemnes day bed has proven to be the perfect addition to our countryside-inspired spare room for a multitude of reasons. Its versatility allows us to style the room as a spacious seating area during the day, effortlessly transforming into a twin bed or expanding to a queen size when guests arrive.

Beyond its adaptability, the Hemnes day bed offers excellent storage solutions, helping us keep the room organized and clutter-free. What’s more, I’ve had the pleasure of customizing it with some exquisite hardware, a simple yet incredibly effective way to elevate any IKEA furniture piece. Swapping out the standard handles for something more elegant instantly adds a touch of sophistication.

Adorned with HomeSense, Zara, and Monika Hibbs Home pillows, the Hemnes day bed has become a cozy spot for sleep, editing, and reading, making it an indispensable and stylish addition to our transformed guest space. Plus as you can see it is absolutely Rosie approved!

Scenting the Spare Bedroom

Infusing the room with the aroma of Jo Malone’s Peony and Blush Suede is a sensory experience that adds an extra layer to our countryside-inspired haven.

This fragrance, with its delicate blend of peony, red apple, and suede, not only delights the nose but also creates an atmosphere that lingers in the memory. It’s a reminder that when designing a space, considering all the senses is paramount. I can absolutely relate to scent memory – fun fact this was actually our wedding scent! Now every time I get a nice whiff it brings me right back to our wedding day!

A visually appealing room is only half the journey; the scent, touch, taste, and sound play equally vital roles in evoking emotion and ambiance. Just as the gentle breeze rustling through the leaves or the soft chirping of birds in the countryside can transport us to a tranquil haven, the right scent can elicit nostalgia, calm, and comfort.

In the pursuit of creating an immersive and inviting space, thinking of all the senses ensures that every aspect contributes to a harmonious and memorable experience for ourselves and our cherished guests. Shop this one HERE!

If you really want to up the senses have a playlist playing softly as they walk in! I would recommend this one for this feel or anything from Alexis Ffrench.

Adding Texture Through Decor + Artwork

Texture is the tactile poetry of interior design, and in our countryside-inspired spare room, it plays a pivotal role. We’ve introduced texture through the inclusion of soft blankets that invite cozy warmth, a woven basket that adds rustic charm, and artwork that tells a tactile story. Plus peep the incredible vintage milking stool we found in Elora Lemontree + Co my new favourite place to visit for decor!

Texture not only enriches the visual depth of a space but also invites touch and engagement. It’s the soft embrace of a plush blanket, the intriguing interplay of light and shadow on textured artwork, and the tactile contrast of woven materials that elevate our room from a visual spectacle to a multi-sensory expereince.

In this way, texture becomes the silent storyteller, infusing our space with layers of comfort and character, making it a truly inviting retreat for our guests to savour with all their senses. Vintage pieces also carry a story of their own and allow guests to experience a warm “lived in” feel.

The Theme of Nature in Small Elements

A charming rusting bee-shaped hook, discreetly placed behind the door, is not only a practical addition but also a delightful nod to our countryside theme. It embodies the idea that even in the smallest details, we can bring the essence of the countryside into our space.

This bee-shaped hook invites guests to hang their bags or perhaps don a cozy housecoat, creating a warm and welcoming environment where every element contributes to the overall charm and functionality of the room.

It’s these thoughtful touches that make a house feel like a home, where even the smallest pieces tell a story of comfort, care, and country-inspired hospitality. I found this adorable addition at CENTRO Garden Burlington!

HomeSense + Hobby Lobby Finds

To pull this room together I had many fun trips to just walk around HomeSense and one big trip to the States to see what Hobby Lobby had in store. As I mentioned earlier it’s always lovely to have these bits on standby ready to be put into your room once the foundation is set!

Keeping an eye out as you go makes the excitement that much more amplified and gives you so much more time to be thoughtful with your purchases versus just buying everything in one go. Better to have “enthusiastic yes” buys versus “this will do” buys. When I saw this duvet I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was an enthusiastic yes and matched the room so perfectly!

Reading Material for Any Spare Bedroom

Decorating your room and infusing it with a cozy atmosphere can be wonderfully achieved through the inclusion of coffee table books. In our countryside-inspired guest room, we’ve chosen to showcase two captivating selections. “Architectural Digest” offers a visual feast of design inspiration, perfect for leisurely flipping through and sparking conversations.

Additionally, “101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think” by Brianna Wiest provides a thoughtful literary touch, ensuring guests have engaging reading material at their fingertips.

When considering coffee table books for your space, it’s essential to think about taste, theme, and general interest. Select books that resonate with your personal style and the room’s overall aesthetic. Whether it’s art, design, travel, or literature, choose themes that align with your vision.

Lastly, opt for books that cater to a broad range of interests to ensure that all your guests, from the design enthusiast to the avid reader, find something intriguing within the pages.

These coffee table books not only enhance the visual appeal of your room but also serve as a source of entertainment and inspiration, making them an indispensable element in creating a warm and inviting ambiance. I am excited to expand this collection over the years to come!

Spare Bedroom Before Photos

Okay if you’ve made it this far I HAVE TO SHOW YOU ALL THE BEFORE PHOTOS! Can you believe these are the same spaces? I am still debating on painting the doors but let me know what you think over on Instagram!

I have loved doing this project and am truly so proud of myself seeing the results! What room is next!? Time will tell I have some BIG IDEAS!

Thanks for being here,

Amanda xo


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