Where to Have Brunch in Waterdown? Try Shy’s Place!


Shy’s Place continues to flourish as a testament to the enduring spirit of community, good food, and the importance of history!

Where to Find Shy’s Place

📍 Location: 11 Coreslab Drive, Dundas, Ontario

☁️ Website:

✨ Their Instagram:

⏰ Kitchen hours: Tues – Fri | 11:30-9:30pm & Sat + Sun | 10:30AM-2:15PM | 3PM- 9:30pm (Closed Mondays)

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What Makes Shy’s Place so special?

Shy’s Place Restaurant holds a captivating history that has woven itself into the fabric of Waterdown, Ontario. What started as a heritage home turned restaurant (with a lot of history in between read below) quickly evolved into a beloved culinary destination renowned for its warm hospitality and delectable offerings.

Over the years, Shy’s Place has not only captured the palates of locals but also earned a reputation as a gathering spot for friends and families. The restaurant’s commitment to maintaining its rich history is evident in every corner, from the vintage decor that harks back to its earliest days, to the timeless recipes.

Today, Shy’s Place continues to flourish as a testament to the enduring spirit of community, good food, and the indelible mark that family-owned establishments leave on their surroundings.

Our First Impressions

Lucky for Scotty and I we have an incredible relationship with both of our sets of parents. With this we usually find ourselves checking out local restaurants and supporting our community by doing what we do best, gathering and dining together. This particular weekend Scotty’s mother Wendy was keen to book a reservation at Shy’s Place. A restaurant we had missed reservations on in the past (clearly a winner of a destination!).

We opted to sit inside and take in the history of the building! However, if patio season tickles your fancy especially in these later days of August, Shy’s Place has a full service all year round patio. In the colder months it is enclosed as they serve their food fare with a view!

I am so thrilled we finally had a chance to check out Shy’s Place. After years of living in this area it’s one of those establishments you kick yourself for not visiting sooner. The rich history, quaint surroundings, approachable service and the delicious options will have us coming back to try their dinner menu I am sure!

What We Ate at Shy’s Place

We opted for their brunch and to my surprise we actually all ordered different things off the menu. And as for a local travel blogger this truly set my soul on fire as I would be able to show you here more options from their menu!

I can only speak to my order but I throughly enjoyed the Blackstone Benny. And as a self proclaimed Eggs Benedict brunch snob let me tell you — that is a testament to their ingredients! Compliments to the kitchen from all of us at the table!

Do I recommend Shy’s Place, absolutely! Especially if you are looking for a place to catch up, feel the energy of a local business and possibly run into a friend from the area (that actually happened to Wendy!).

The Menu Selection at Shy’s Place

The History of Shy’s Place

Stepping into Shy’s Place Restaurant in Waterdown, Ontario, one can’t help but be captivated by the rich history that surrounds it. Nestled at the corner of Highway #5 and Coreslab Drive, this charming establishment holds a tale of determination, community, and the preservation of heritage that adds a unique flavour to every dining experience.

The journey began in 2012 when The Gryphin Advantage, a Financial Services company, undertook a monumental move from bustling downtown Hamilton to the building across the street, at 50 Coreslab Drive. Imagine the excitement of transitioning from a rented space to a brand-new establishment meticulously tailored to their vision. The new building’s design paid homage to the historic beauty of the area, blending seamlessly with the adjacent century-old structure from 1896.

As you glance across the street, you’ll see another heritage home, standing as a testament to the region’s past. Little did anyone know, these buildings would soon be linked in a remarkable way. The story takes an unexpected twist when news spread that the neighbouring heritage building, home to a beloved restaurant, was at risk of being demolished to make way for a gas station. This threat sparked action, and in 2014, the decision was made to acquire the property, saving it from an uncertain fate.

The question remained, what would become of this historic building? Conversations swirled about its potential use, with zoning regulations and the City of Hamilton playing a significant role in shaping its destiny. Eventually, the idea of a restaurant emerged as a possibility within the city’s guidelines. However, the challenges of restaurant ownership were daunting. The owners decided that if they could find a passionate individual or group to manage the restaurant, the old home could be transformed into a new culinary destination.

Enter the summer of ’15 and an unexpected twist of fate. The staff at The Gryphin Advantage decided to order a “Food Truck” for a Friday lunch, expecting a conventional food service. To their delight, a charming bus rolled up, revealing a food experience like no other – the proud owners of the food truck, Michael Speer and Morgan Smith of 494 Catering, impressed with their delectable bistro-style offerings.

The stars aligned, and a solution emerged. 494 Catering assumed ownership of the restaurant, infusing it with their expertise and a fresh perspective. Today, as you step into Shy’s Place, you can feel the legacy of the past merging seamlessly with the creative energy of the present. It’s a place where the commitment to preserving history, fostering community, and delivering a unique “casual fine dining” experience converge.

With every bite, you savour not just exquisite cuisine, but also the heartwarming tale of how Shy’s Place came to be – a place where history, passion, and the joy of dining intertwine.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little review! Let me know over on Instagram if you plan to book a reservation and as always happy dining!

Amanda xo


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